Calibration & Quality Control

Microscope calibration & quality assurance

Argolight is a French manufacturer of microscope calibration and quality assurance for fluorescence microscopy and much more. Argolight offers time-efficient solutions so that the user or imaging core facility manager realistically and regularly assess the performance of their microscopes.
Fluorescence-based systems vary in their intensity, e.g. due to unstable light sources or others Influences, this leads to data that are difficult to reproduce. With the Argolight calibration system we offer you a product solution with which you can collect precise and reproducible data.
The slides are made from fluorescent glass samples, due to their inorganic nature practically does not bleach. In combination with the »Daybook« software, you can improve the performance of your observe the system and trace it back over long periods of time. The fluorescent slide and the associated software enable simple quality management, as imaging errors on your microscope are recognized in good time. This helps you to obtain reliable and reproducible data from your microscope measurements and to save time in quality management.

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Quality assurance & power meter for high magnifications

For 20x - 100x magnifications
Power meter: 350-1100 nm (10µW - 100 mW)
Dimensions: 25 x 75 x 6 mm

The slide contains a specially structured glass in a stainless steel carrier in which various fluorescent patterns are embedded. A power meter is also integrated, which can be connected to a PC via USB.
The slides can also be used for transmitted light, dark field, DIC and phase contrast. The patterns are positioned at exact intervals and are stable against fading.
The analysis of the patterns and the performance measurement can easily be carried out with the enclosed Argolight Daybook software.